2017 Schedule of Events

Feb 5, 2017

Mark your calendars!


  1. April 21-23

  2. May 12-13-14

    **NOTE** May 12 & 13 Cancelled due to Weather. May 14th TBA Weather Permitting. Please watch our Facebook page for updates.**

    Volunteer Safety Training

    Equipment and Protocol Training

  3. June 10-11

    Spring Opener Bracket Race Event

    Bracket Pre-Registration Form

  4. June 24 & 25

    Street Legal Race Event

    Sponsored by Freedom Automotive: 2nd Annual Weekend of Horsepower

    Click Here: Basic Tech Rules for Street Vehicles

  5. July 22-23

    Bear Creek Maintenance 1/8 Mile Bracket Race Event

    Sponsored by

    Click Here:

    Bear Creek Maintenance Pre-Registration Form

  6. August 11,12,13

  7. August 26 & 27

  8. September 16-17

    1/8 Mile Bracket Race Event

    Sponsored by:

    September Bracket Race On-Line Registration

    September Bracket Race Information Sheet

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2017 Schedule of Events

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