FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Track Rules

The Pat's Auto Supply Motorsports Park is currently an 1/8th mile track. The NPBRA uses the IHRA Rulebook as a guideline on our track rules. We have created a list of rules and regulations that can be viewed by downloading our rules as a PDF file HERE.

You do not have to be a member to race at our races. Members benefit from lower race fees, pit stall preference, and are able to attend members meetings. With that said, non members will not accumulate points and therefore cannot participate in championship events.

Bracket Racing Basics

Bracket racing is a form of drag racing that allows vehicles of different performance levels to be able to compete on an even basis. A car that is 15 seconds for a quarter mile, can race an 11 second quarter mile car. The way this is done is the timing equipment allows your light to turn green earlier, in this case, giving the 15 second car a 4 second lead. Both cars, should reach the finish line around the same time. 

One way of disqualifying is called breaking-out , going faster than your dial-in time. The other disqualification comes from leaving the starting line too fast ,causing a red light on the tree.

Dial in , Breakout

You are allowed one or more time trials, to go down the track , so as to estimate your time. You then pick your dial-in time, which you will be asked to write on your windshield(passenger side). This time is entered into the computer, and when you race, you are attempting to match the dial-in time as close as possible, without going "faster" than that time. If you go fast enough that you are quicker than your dial-in time, it is referred to as breaking out, and if your opponant also breaks out the person that breaks out the most loses the race. The key to winning your race is to beat your opponant across the finish line and the closer you are to your dial in time, without breaking out, will give you the best chances of winning.

First steps to racing

When you first arrive at our race track, you will meet with one of the gate supervisors. There, you will register your car and information, pay your entry fees,  as well as assign you and your car a number and race class ie: street, box super pro, no box pro,pure street, bike/sled or junior. Racers under the age of 18 will require a waiver signed by their legal guardians prior to racing. 

Once you have registered you will need to enter your car to the Tech Booth, where, your vehicle will be checked over and "teched" to ensure all the rules and regulations for your vehicle are approved. Once approved in tech, you will be given a tech sticker to place on your windshield. 

You will now be ready to race, and your car class that you are racing in will be called up for time trials, and be required to line up with vehicles in your class. Pay attention to the track crew and follow all instructions they give you.


The primary reason you do a tire burnout, is that it provides the racer the ability to 'heat' the tires, which generally allows the tires to become more 'sticky' and provides better traction on the starting line. Doing a burnout is optional and not always nessasary, depending on the vehicle and tires you are racing with.If you do not want to do a burn-out you will be allowed to go around the outside of the water (burn-out) box

Starting line

You will be motioned to move into the 'burnout box', this is where you will do your burnout to heat the tires. If you run street tires, you can bypass the water in the burnout box and avoid the burnout all together. After this point, the track attendant will motion you to move up to the starting line. Slowly inch into the starting line, there are two sets of lights at the top of the 'tree', the first set is pre stage. Stop there,wait for your opponant to pre-stage (this is called gentelman staging) then very carefully edge forward until the second set of lights light up. You are now Staged, and in position to race. Once both vehicles are staged, the starter will trigger the lights on the tree, so time your self to be already launching by the time the light turns green. Too early a launch will cause a red light, automatic disqualification, however, you may still run your vehicle down the track if you wish.

If there are any problems, either the track personell will motion you to back away from the staging lights carefully, and if required, they may motion you to turn off your vehicle.

Racers Gate Open

Racer entry is for all racers and their race crew.  Volunteers can park in the designated parking lot outside of the gate.

On race weekends the racer gate is open

Friday: 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 11:00pm

Sunday: 8:30am – Tear down is finished

If you arrive outside of these hours, you will be asked to park in the volunteer parking lot until the gates are open when you can be properly parked.

Pit Stall

Pit Stalls can be reserved by members through racer registration.  Once payment is made on the stall it is yours for the season.

Due to space limitations, in the pit area we will be limiting each race vehicle to ONE support vehicle that can be parked in the pit area. All other vehicles will be parked in either the overflow parking (space permitting) or in the volunteer parking areas. We ask your co-operation in this as we are very limited for space. So don't put your tools in your buddy's truck expecting him to park with you unless it’s your support vehicle. It would be much easier for everyone involved if you bring just the one support vehicle and your race car. Cars that do not pass tech will not be allowed to park in the pit area.

All other parking stalls are on a first come, first served basis.


All vehicles must pass tech before going down the track.   If you wish to change your tires, this MUST be done before proceeding to tech.  There are NO modifications to your vehicle after tech.  If this is reported, you may be disqualified.

OverNight Camping

Only Volunteers, racers, their pit crew members and families will be able to camp on the grounds on Friday and Saturday night for no fee.

Any other campers, there will be a $20 camping fee.

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