2021 Spectator Rates

  • Please sign the Adult Participant Waiver (once/year) on the home page before coming to the track
  • (Everyone entering the facility MUST sign the waiver before entering)
  • +Exact Change/Cash Only+
  • No Pets Please
  • The maximum number of spectators is TBD, provided physical distancing of two metres can be maintained.

10 and Under                                                        Free

Youth & Senior (11-17 & 60 Older)                     $  5.00/day

Adult (18-59)                                                        $ 10.00/day


2021 Racer Rates

  • Please sign the waiver (once/year) and fill out the
  • Online Registration Form before coming to the track (Home Page)
  • *E-Transfer/Cash/Cheque Only*
  • E-Transfer: etransfer(at)npbra.ca

Membership                                                          $100.00/year

Junior Membership                                               $ 40.00/year

Reserved Pit Stall (#2-20) (May to October)        $185.00/year

Reserved Pit Stall (#21-78) (May to October)      $160.00/year

Weekend Camping (Non Racers)                         $ 20.00/weekend

Weekend Pit Pass                                                 $ 20.00/weekend or Sunday Only


Bracket Race                  (Includes 1 Drivers Pass, 1 Pit Pass, 1 Camping Pass)

For the 2021 Season we will be running races on both Saturday and Sunday

Junior                                                        $ 30.00/day

Pure Street                                                $ 60.00/day

Bike/Sled                                                  $ 80.00/day

No Box                                                     $ 80.00/day

Box                                                           $ 80.00/day

Teen Challenge                                        $ 40.00/day

Time Only  (arrive before eliminations)  $ 40.00/day

Time Only  (arrive after 2pm)                 $ 20.00/day

Street Legal                      (Includes 1 Drivers Pass)

            $ 50.00/day

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