General Rules & Regulations for Street Legal Race

  •  Valid Driver’s License
  • Current Insurance and registration for race vehicle

Safe Vehicle Tech

  • Good Tires
  • Safe Steering
  • Good Brakes
  • Mufflers
  • Battery tied down
  • Wheel studs and drive shaft safely loop if running slicks; Drag Radial are okay
  • Antifreeze allowed if driven to track
  • Diesels welcome, No Nitrous
  • All under carriages are to be clean and free of debris; nothing in the box of trucks
  • All vehicles faster than 11:50 in a ¼ mile must follow IHRA Rule Book for Safety Equipment. 
  • Note OEM cars 2008 and newer don’t require roll bars or roll cage until they are quicker than 10:00 seconds in the ¼ mile.
  • We are starting at a 135mph limit in the ¼ mile, due to stopping distance, if necessary we will lower that mph

Driver Gear

  • DOT Helmet
  • Long pants, No Shorts
  • No open Shoes
  • Minimum shirt, tee shirt or long sleeve shirt, No tank tops
  • When quicker than 11:50, all gear must meet IHRA rule book


  • Legal Helmet
  • Full Leather Jacket or equivalent
  • Boots or shoes must be over ankles
  • Good full length pants (jeans), if quicker than 10:99 seconds in a ¼ mile must have leather pants
  • Tether kill switch or lay down switch needed when running quicker than 10:99 in ¼ mile ​​​​​​​


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