The North Peace Bracket Racing Association

will be presenting two

Street Legal Events in 2021

June 26 and 27

August 28 and 29


Street Legal

General Rules & Regulations for Racing

·         All Drivers must have a Valid Driver’s License and Current Registration and Insurance for the vehicle they are racing

  •  Safe Vehicle Tech
  • ·         All vehicles must go through tech inspection at the track
  • ·         Good Tires
  • ·         Safe Steering
  • ·         Good Brakes
  • ·         Mufflers
  • ·         Battery tied down
  • ·         Wheel studs and drive shaft safety loop if running slicks; Drag Radial are okay
  • ·         Antifreeze allowed if driven to track
  • ·         All vehicles must be clean and free of mud and debris including under carriages, nothing loose in the box of trucks
  • ·         All vehicles faster than 11.50 in the ¼ mile must follow IHRA Rule Book for Safety. 
  • ·         Note OEM cars 2008 and newer don’t require roll bars or roll cage until they are quicker than 10.00 seconds in the ¼ mile as per IHRA Rule Book.
  • ·         We are starting at a 135mph limit in the ¼ mile, due to stopping distance, if necessary, we will lower that mph
  • Driver Gear
  • ·         DOT Helmet
  • ·         Long pants, No Shorts
  • ·         Closed toe shoes; no sandals or open toed
  • ·         Minimum shirt, tee shirt or long sleeve shirt, No tank tops
  • ·         If running quicker than 11.50 in the ¼ mile, all gear must meet IHRA rule book
  • Motorbikes
  • ·         Legal Helmet
  • ·         Riding Jacket or Full Leather Jacket or equivalent
  • ·         Boots or about the ankle shoes
  • ·         Gloves
  • ·         Full-length pants (jeans & chaps or riding pants), if running quicker than 10.99 seconds in the ¼ mile must have leather pants
  • ·         Tether kill switch or lay down switch needed when running quicker than 10.99 in the ¼ mile
  • Diesels
  • ·         No Nitrous
  • ·         Nothing loose in the box


List Racing

  • General Rules
  • ·         Can only be in one class, Top 10, Redneck Truck or Daily Driver
  • ·         There will be set times for driver meetings and race starts – if not ready you are out
  • ·         Running a 400-pro tree
  • ·         Time Trial Runs until lunch break.  List Racing after lunch until end of day on Saturday (6pm) & Sunday (5pm).
  • ·         If you want to try for one of the lists, you must be in attendance for qualifying (time slips are used to determine your place you on the list).
  • ·         If you break/no show you will keep losing 1 spot per race.
  • ·         If you break, it is up to the driver to pull their car off the list.  If you pull your car off the list, everyone moves up 1 spot.
  • ·         If you break and start with a new car, you will start at the bottom of the list.
  • ·         Callouts will only take place at the track on the weekend of the race and sealed with handshake; there is no call outs in the Qualifying.
  • ·         All callouts must be honored.  If you are unable to make the call out, the driver that can race will make a single pass and claim spot
  • ·         If you lose you must race down before you race up – basically you must defend your spot before you can call out again to move up; no spot blocking
  • ·         ONLY One crew member is allowed in the staging area and at start line
  • ·         Drivers must follow track staff directions in the staging and start line
  • ·         Everyone must follow track rules
  • Daily Drivers
  • ·         Run DOT tires
  • ·         Drive to track, if you trailer to the track you must make a trip into Beaverlodge and return with a receipt (route will be specified at the track)
  •  Redneck Trucks/SUV
  • ·         If it has a box it is a truck or it can be an SUV
  • ·         2-Wheel drive can run slicks
  • ·         4-Wheel drive no slicks allowed
  •  ​​​​​​​
  • Top 10 Class
  • ·         Top ET/Speed; 9.50/135-145MPH – every car has a different braking distance, if you run faster than 135MPH a chute is required
  • ·         Tire Size; Drag Radial 12.5/ Slick 11.5 as measured on car
  • ·         Roll Bars/Cages – follow IHRA ruling – one race grace
  • ·         Clothing to be worn follow IHRA ruling
    • o   Race Jacket for anyone running 11.5 – 10.0 or faster
    • o   Race Pants and Shoes for anyone running 10.0 and faster
    • o   Helmets; SNELL or DOT approved full face for anyone running 11.5 and faster
  • ​​​​​​​




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