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We are proud to bring back Dave Kindig from Kindig-it Designs and new this year, Kev Dog will be attending the show as well! They are only available on Saturday so we are expecting another large turn out on Saturday. There will be an opportunity to purchase Kindig-it Design and NPBRA merchandise and have Dave and Kevin sign it for you.

They will be at the show on April 26-28 2019 Stay tuned for more great announcements  #daveKindig#kindigit #2019npbracarshow

Dave Kindig Bio

Dave Kindig is the owner and Chief Designer of the custom Fabrication automotive shop, Kindig-It Design.  Since 1999 Dave and his wife Charity have built Kindig-It Design together.  Kindig-It Design is a sprawling 27,000 sq. ft. state of the art one stop custom shop where automobiles are rendered, designed, built and restored into spectacular works of art.

They say car design is an art form with few true masters, but from concept and design to build and finish product, Dave Kindig has led the field with his special skills and vision to craft the most unique one of kind vehicles on the planet.

Dave was born and raised in Salt lake city, Utah and creativity was definitely flowing through his blood at  a very young age.  Dave started drawing his works of art at the young age of 5.  Dave likes to say he has a engineering degree in Hot Wheels and Lego's, as this is where he started his creative design and ideas.  Growing up, Dave would take Hot wheels and chop them and redesign them, he loved to change the color wheels and stance of the model cars.

Dave started his automotive career at high Performance Coatings in salt lake City, Utah for 8 years and was able to travel the US and meet many car builders and designers.  He received his first design job from Arizona Speed an Marine designing their 1999 Chevrolet Silverado ASM/SS which was featured in Truckin Magazine.  From there his design career took off designing  for many car builders and magazines.  Shortly after Dave left High Performance coatings to pursue a career in designing and building custom vehicles in his own shop.  In 1999 with nothing but $4,700 from his 401k and his determination and a dream, Dave and his wife started what is now known as Kindig-It Design.  They leased a 4500 sq. ft. shop in Salt Lake City and they went to work.  Today they own that same shop which is now 27,000 square feet and is home to Kindig-It Design world headquarters.  The shop today has a  state of the art metal fabrication/paint facilities, 4000 sq. ft. show room and offices and a in house upholstery.

Dave and his team have had many accomplishments on the way and so many of their projects have been featured in numerous magazine and TV programs that have received worldwide attention.  Dave and his shop became so recognized and respected that Velocity channel gave Dave and his crew their own Television show, Bitchin Rides.  Debuting in 2014, Bitchin Rides was an instant hit and put Dave Kindig in the upper stratosphere of celebrity auto enthusiasts.  Bitchin Rides follows the everyday work of Kindig-It Design.  Dave's dedicated team of automotive masters have been customizing automobiles for customers across the world since 1999.

Dave is so grateful for his family, friends, clients, vendors and everyone that has supported him along the way.  He is an example of someone who set out on a dream, took a chance and accomplished his goals.  Dave is completely self taught.  He didn't go to any fancy art school, he didn't even go to college.  But his love for cars and drawing, as well as his hard work, determination and never give up attitude has helped him build one of the top custom automotive design businesses in the country.

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